"RED LIPSTICK makes me feel INVINCIBLE and I am fairly certain DANCE PARTIES could HEAL the WORLD."

- Kathryn


I'm delighted you are here


Hello, I'm Kathryn.

Photography found me over two decades ago, leaving breadcrumbs to follow that have since taken me all over the world. Fine-art photography is my formal degree, earned through years of late nights in the *actual* dark room. My career as an internationally awarded professional photographer spans over 15 years.

Photography taught me how to be human – that the spectrum of emotion from joy to pain to deep love and connection is what we are here to experience and embrace.

Your connection with your people is the micro story of the macro human experience. It is both uniquely yours while also shimmering with something so familiar to us all. I approach photography allowing both to be true: this is YOUR story and it's OUR shared history.

At the core of my work, you will find a master of light, deep connection, genuine emotion, and a playful energy celebrating both the exuberant and messy parts of life.

The unexpected is my favorite pastime, which I currently enjoy a lot of with my dachshund puppy, Winnie. My partner, Jamie, and I are on a mission to crown the best margarita on the East side of the city. Originally from Chicago, followed by a long chapter in Waco, Texas, I’m an entertaining blend of salty and sweet. Astrology has a *bit* of a choke-hold on me and I can terrify just about anyone with how accurately I read Tarot cards.

Important milestones come but once for each of us. It is worth investing in someone you both connect with as an artist and as a soul. The people with you at these zeniths will always be threaded into your history.

I would be honored to document this chapter of your story. 


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Joanna Gaines

"You are my favorite photographer 💗."

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